my dog was supposed to be a police dog but he failed the training for it because he was too much of a wimp. the trainers said that when he was supposed to be attacking dummies he’d run up to them and roll over and wag his tail and they also said he was the worst failure they’d ever seen 


Team Bieber: 📷😃


he’s a happy puppy


This is the outfit I wore as I was harassed and was told I was ”asking for it”

Let me tell you a little story. I am 20 years old, and about 1,57meter so im small. Im a very insecure person and have been struggling with this for a long time. About 2 years ago i wouldve never dared wearing this as id think i was showing too much.
Yesterday it was about 25 celcius, and around 3pm I was on my way home, sitting in the tram and it was crowded. At one point three guys walked in. They had to pass me, an older lady had her cart next to her seat so they had to walk sideways, however, they could easily move past me without touching me. What they did, was shove their asses against my head on purpose.(and one of them their crotch) They laughed hard, said sorry, and i thought oke that was a mistake can happen. They stood about less than a meter away from where i was sitting. For some reason i didnt have my headphones in(which i always usually do) and i heard what they were saying. But even if i wouldnt have heard i wouldve known they were talking about me because they were basically staring at me the entire time and point at all my parts. I heard one guy say ”what do you think about her? what would you do to her?” And another responded ”ohh id fuck her so hard” ”might have to put a bag over her head because i aint looking at that grumpy head” ”oh id take that slut so hard from behind, because shes so small she could barely even struggle” This conversation went on for awhile. I felt extremely uncomfortable and I was scared. During this entire conversation i was looking out the window, trying to ignore them as much as possible, looking on my phone etc, as that has become sort of a thing to shut people out.
Then it was my stop so i went to get out. One guy screamed ”DUDE SHES LEAVING RUN AFTER HER AND TAKE HER RIGHT THERE” By now i was terrified. So many people around me, but no one cares do they. I was at the door checking out with my card and then i felt an extremely hard smack on my ass, and i got away from there as fast as i could. As I thought they mightve been coming after me.
I was terrified and it took me until around the evening to calm down. My scaredness had turned into anger. Today I told some girls in my class about it, some guys in heard aswell.
Ive gotten three different kinds of responses
Number one: ”well you were asking for it with that outfit on” and ”why arent you happy, you should feel flattered” some girls said ”you should see it as a compliment”
Number two: ”well if you felt so bad why didnt you just tell them or go stand somewhere else” 
Number three: Same response as me; extremely creeped out and thinking what the hell is wrong with this world.

Im extremely mad because this has happened more than one occasion. And then theres people telling me that, not only should i feel flattered and see it as a compliment, they dont understand why it wouldnt boast my self confidence. Well i gotta tell you from experiences like this i only want to cover myself up in 5 layers of sweats.
I am not some sort of sex puppet that you can talk about with your friends in how many ways you want to do me, or talk about basically raping me. As they were saying that ”i couldnt even struggle because im so small” im an ”easy target”
They were slut shaming. Calling me slut and whore multiple times, Saying that oh i probably had ”so many dicks in my mouth.” and ”take them in all the holes”
I am however a 20 year old virgin who has never been kissed. (but nothing wrong with girls enjoying sex seriously, you go girl, im glad you are)
But NO GIRL EVER wishes to be talked about like this. NO ONE WANTS TO BE TAKEN WITHOUT HIS OR HER CONSENT.
Sure if youre into sm then you want the kinky stuff but that is STILL WITH THEIR APPROVAL.
it is NOT FUNNY making jokes about this. God ive heard so many people joking about rape, especially guys and whenever i hear and tell them its not oke i get to hear ”chill its just a joke” No its not. It encourages guys thinking its okey. It is NOT OKEY. 
Another point i want to add; i may have been dressed like this and been told i was asking for it. BUT EVEN IF I WAS NAKED RIGHT IN THAT PUBLIC TRANSPORT I WAS STILL NOT ASKING FOR IT.

This is why we need feminism. This is why i am so angry at guys (and girls) thinking its oke to shame girls like this. To cat call. To talk about girls like we are objects. To call after them how you want to take them. To touch them without our approval. this is MY BODY, I  can do WHATEVER i want with it. YOU CAN NOT. 
About a couple years ago a guy asked me ”why are girls always so pulled back when i approach them on the street i just want to make conversation” 

THIS, is why. Because we are scared you are just another creep. I am terrified when it is dark out. But now i was even shitting my pants while it was 3pm and there were about 50 people squished into that same tram. 
This is not okey.
This needs to stop.
And i am ANGRY.